Lights in sky over Eugene: 'Skully and Mulder time'

EUGENE, Ore. - Red lights in the sky over north Eugene on Thursday night curried curiousity across the region online.

Viewers started contacting KVAL News by phone and email about the lights. A post to the KVAL News page on Facebook elicited some interesting responses.

"ET PHONE HOME!!!!!!!!" Angel Lopez posted.

"Skully and Mulder time," Paul Cantrell posted.

Folks also reported seeing the lights.

"It's amazing!!! I'm still watching it!," Ashlee Wyers posted. "It was blinking like a runway in formation in a straight line, curved then back to straight. Was pretty cool but my cell couldn't get any pics."

Others tried but came up short.

"Hmmm well if that was just a ploy to get my husband and I outside to look worked," Matthew-Rebecca Berry posted. "We did not see anything."

Some reporting tracking the lights to their source.

"I live on River Road," Scottie Leeroy Ankrom Jr. posted. "I tracked it down to a guy in the feild across from the shell gas station its a I kite people so chill."

And others had epiphanies of sorts.

"I just realized," Kevin Robert Tiebout posted, "I have way too much time on my hands."

Police confirmed that an officer contacted a man in the area flying a kite with lights attached to it.