'I was very eager to be reunited with my snake'

VANCOUVER, Wash. - You might think it would be hard to misplace a pet python that's four feet long.

But that's what a Vancouver family did when they moved out of their old apartment two months ago.

Turns out, the python named "Snake" was hiding in the apartment the whole time. He caused quite a stir when he was found on Monday.

Snake's owner, Carrie Olin, said she left her pet behind by accident during the move and there was a mix-up with a friend over who actually had Snake.

"I thought he had taken the snake, but still looked everywhere, pulled out the fridge, couldn't find it so I just assumed that he took the snake," said Olin. "I was very eager to be reunited with my snake."

Olin said Snake has been a family pet for six years.

"This is a very mellow snake," she said. "I've had snakes before that always want to move around and get away. This snake seems to enjoy people."

Clark County Animal Control officer Bill Burrus says it's legal to buy and own snakes that are less than 6 feet long. Snakes longer than that require special exotic animal licenses.

Burrus went into the apartment to evict Snake on Tuesday. He finally found him hiding behind the baseboard below the sink.

"He's probably hungry. He hasn't eaten in like two months," Olin said.