Guys dressed as lucha libre wrestlers try to fly a giant bull. Enough said

PORTLAND, Ore. - We've all been there.

You're sitting around with your friends and you think, hey, why don't we dress up like lucha libre wrestlers and push a homemade machine down a 30-foot ramp and see how far it will fly across the water?

OK, probably not.

But a group of guys calling themselves Muy Guapo did, and they'll be competing in something called the Red Bull Flugtag next month in Long Beach, Calif.

"I just thought it'd be fun to run around half naked in front of a 150,000 people dressed as silly as possible," said Stephen Santoro, aka Fiesta Guapo. "We just wanted to accentuate how great these guys look in red speedos and boots.

"I think the capes will help us fly, and the masks might cushion the blow since we're going to be going 30 feet off a ramp headfirst."

A primer on Flugtag: Contestants build homemade machines with size and weight limits designed to launch into the water from a 30-foot pier. They choose a theme for the machine. and costumes for themselves. There's a premium on showmanship, but the machine that flies the farthest wins.

Got it?

The four men who make up Muy Guapo have competed twice before - in 2004 they were voted the crowd favorite, and in 2008 in Portland their contraption finished third out of about 30 teams.

This year?

"We want to be the premier team, we want to be the team to beat," said Scotty Underwood, aka Chili Guapo. "I don't know if there's many other Red Bull Flugtag teams out there putting that much thought and effort behind their machines, but I hope so because we want that competition."

In 2004, they dressed as 1980s-style rockers, complete with mullets. In 2008, they went as old-school basketball players and their machine was shaped like a giant red Converse shoe.

This time, it's lucha libre costumes and a big red bull.

The men will compete Sept. 21 in Long Beach's Rainbow Harbor.

"Putting this much love - the Guapo love - into it, we know it's going to float across the bay," said Josh Svaren, who scored the best name of all - Guapo Guapo.