Got Zombies? 'A great way to bring the world together'

EUGENE, Ore. - Near 120 local residents came out last weekend to perform the dance sequence of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" for "Thrill the World" at Kesey Square in downtown Eugene.

"This the first year Eugene is doing it," said Margo Jennings, the Eugene group's organizer. "And we will be doing it every year, it is an annual event."

Many came out to view the dance in Kesey Square.

Spectators of all ages circled around the area to get a glimpse of the zombie hoard dance.

Toronto dance instructor Ines Markeljevic created "Thrill the World" in 2006.

"She thought it would be a great way to bring the world together," said Jennings. "Have everybody in as many countries as possible dance simultaneously to the six minute version of Thriller, using the same choreography, doing it on the same day."

Sixty-two people danced into the Guinness World Record in 2006 for the largest group to dance to "Thriller."

This year over 100 cities around the world registered events on the Thrill the World website.
Some of the dancers had been practicing for several months.

"Two months for me, but I know there were people who had been doing it for four," said group dancer Gwyneth Iredale.

When asked if she will be returning for next years dance, Iredale replied, "Yes, absolutely."