Giant rabbit left to die in trash can rescued

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) -- A giant rabbit is getting a second chance after it was rescued from a metal garbage can near Kuna Middle School Monday afternoon.

The Ada County Sheriff's office says some young girls were walking when they heard an odd noise coming from a trash can. When they took a peek inside, they found the giant rabbit inside. They ran to the police station and told authorities.

"The rabbit was panting really hard - that metal gets pretty hot - and as soon as he got out he went over to some shade," Det. Marc Bowman said. "He drank water right out of my hand. It was definitely a pet."

It's unclear how the rabbit got inside the can, but deputies believe someone put the rabbit inside and then took off. Bowman said he's sure, given the rabbit's size, that it couldn't have climbed inside.

The sheriff's office says it's the rabbit tips the scales at 11 pounds and is likely a Flemish Giant or a different kind of cross-breed.

The Idaho Human Society took it into its care and the sheriff's office said on Facebook that the rabbit's prospects of being adopted are good.