Firefighters free puppy from auto wheel

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) -- A Bakersfield puppy has gone viral, after getting himself stuck in a tight situation.

Kern County firefighters at East Bakersfield's station 41 had to rescue the 7-week-old pit after he got his head jammed in the hub of an automobile wheel rim.

The dogs' owner, Meagan Beeler, said puppies were playing out on the patio where they temporarily stored the rims, when he somehow got his head stuck.

The yelping puppy, named R.J., had to be driven - while stuck in the wheel - over to the station for some assistance.

The funny photos of the rescue helped the puppy go viral, but it's also how the rescuers freed him that is making headlines.

"We put some vegetable oil on the dog's neck area and a couple guys, one guy held the tire, another guy held the skin and the ears back, and I pushed his head back through the rim," said James Dowell, one of the Kern County fire fighters who helped in the pup's rescue.

"We thought at first we were going to have to cut the rim with some hydraulic tools but we wound up wanting to do that as a last resort," said Dowell.

By Monday afternoon the Kern County Fire Department's Facebook post of the 10 minute rescue had received around 1,200 likes and over 700 shares.

The puppies are all up for adoption. The owner said they are red nose-blue nose mixed pit bulls. For more information on how to add one of the pets to your home call: (661) 632-6260.