Everyday love prices? Walmart a top spot for 'missed connections'

EUGENE, Ore. - If you're looking for love in all the wrong places, it turns out a Wal-Mart SuperCenter might be the right place - unless you live in the Pacific Northwest.

In that case, you'd best get on the bus.

Why Walmart? Maybe it's the everyday low prices or a shared glance in the check-out line

Whatever it is, more people thought they saw their future spouse at a Wal-Mart than anywhere else in more than a dozen states, according to an analysis by Psychology Today.

Researchers studied the "missed connections" personal ads on Craigslist. They discovered Wal-Mart is the most popular place for people to find love at first sight.

The study also says not all connections occur at Wal-Mart.

Oregon and Washington residents most oftened missed a connection on the bus. Public transit held true in New York, too, where the subway was frequently cited.

In Colorado, however, folks thought they spotted their true love at the gas station.

And in California?

Working out at the gym.