England's 'Holy Cow' burger boasts entire cow between buns

MANCHESTER, England -- Ever eat a big hamburger and think: "I feel like I ate the whole cow!"

At one American-style restaurant in Leeds and Manchester, England, you can do just that, literally.

For just 25 British Pounds ($42 USD) you can feast on the complete nose-to-tail experience, celebrating the entire cow and its 17 types of beef in just one burger.

Sitting between a house-made Pretzel bun, it also comes with a beef tomato consomm-based Bloody Mary with jerky shards and thrice cooked beef dripping-fried chips with a pulled beef Ragu dipping sauce.

Scott Munro, master of the meats at Red True Barbecue, says he sells more than 88,000 pounds of meat to 35,000 customers each month.

"For any kids wanting to get props on Father's Day, The Holy Cow burger is a gift that keeps on giving," Munro said. "It's a complete religious eating experience, a journey through the tastiest cuts of beef, and something the old man will never forget!"

Munro didn't say how many calories the burger will add to your diet, but perhaps that number is best left unknown.

What's inside?

The "Holy Cow" Ingredients:

  • Carpaccio beef and olive
  • 21hr Texas-smoked brisket
  • Juicy Lucy (melted cheese hidden inside a 100% steak burger)
  • A parmesan and Jacob's cracker-crusted pattie made of pulled oxtail and pulled ox cheek with diced slow smoked ox heart and ox liver
  • Jalapeo and dill pickle relish
  • Thickly sliced mustard pickled tongue
  • Unholy sticky beef jus
  • Pulled 12hr smoked beef rib
  • Blackened Wagyu rib eye steak
  • Beef bacon
  • Red's Dirty sauce
  • Chargrilled red onion ring
  • Beef tomato and salad leaves