College ordered to crush rare car

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- She's incredibly loud, remarkably rare, and unforgettably fast.

It doesn't take a gearhead to appreciate the 1992 Dodge Viper donated to South Puget Sound Community College. The brilliant blue car with white racing stripes on its hood was number four in the production line.

Now the $250,000 muscle machine and educational tool is heading for the wrecking ball. Chrysler has demanded the college crush the car within two weeks.

Staff and students say the order, which is allowed in educational contracts, stems from two cars getting loose and into wrecks.

"It's like taking a family pet and destroying it in front of the kids," said automotive technology professor Norm Chapma.

The one-of-a kind pre-production car isn't street legal. There are no emissions controls or speed limiters. But the value goes beyond dollars. Staff and students say it helped attract high schoolers into the automotive program, and they doubt the donated mini-vans will have the same impact.

Automotive students, who posed for selfies next to the car that once reportedly caught collector Jay Leno's eye, are planning a petition to stop the crush.