Bathroom bandit strikes again, this time at a bowling alley

LONGVIEW, Wash. - A bowling alley in Longview has become the latest target in a rash of thefts involving toilet parts.

Triangle Bowl lost two flush valves from their men's room this week and according to Manager Travis Malakowsky, this isn't the first time it's happened to them. This was actually the third time they've been hit.

Other places that have had toilet parts stolen include a McDonald's and Muchas Gracias in Longview, and a McDonald's and Dairy Queen in Woodland.

Police believe whoever is stealing the parts might be stealing them for scrap metal, but they can't be sure. And whoever is doing it knows a thing or two about plumbing because tools are needed to take the parts off and so far, there has been no water mess left behind.

The fixtures that are being stolen sell new for around $100 to $200 but anyone trying to get scrap metal money out of them wouldn't get very much.

Malakowsky said at Triangle Bowl they went online and found a device that deters such thefts.