Who killed Popeye the pug?

BOISE, Idaho - An 11-year-old pug named Popeye was killed in southeast Boise over the weekend. Now, the owners are left asking, who would shoot Popeye?

Last Wednesday, Popeye slipped out the door. Mark and his wife Denise searched for their beloved pug but couldn't find him and immediately posted on Facebook and Craigslist. That's when they got a call from an employee at Broadway Veterinary Hospital.

"I said oh my gosh, did he get hit by a car? What happened? She started to get tearful because she has pugs and she said actually the doctor believes he's been shot," said Popeye's owner Denise Engebrecht.

A man driving down Gekeler Lane near Ridgefield Drive saw the pug laying in the road and brought Popeye to Dr. Darrin Everett.

"I gave him some pain medication, an injection of morphine and within a couple minutes he passed away unfortunately," said Everett.

It was less than 45 minutes from the time Popeye got out of the house to when he arrived at the vet.

Everett said the bullet went all the way through the dog, breaking a bone and leaving massive trauma to his organs.

A sign now hangs where Popeye was found asking that anyone who saw or heard anything contact Boise Police.

"That someone would go around and just shoot an animal, it's just not right and we want people to know, we want our neighbors to know, we want something to be done about it and we hope that who ever it is, is punished for it," said Engebrecht.

Anyone with information about the dog shooting is asked to call 343-COPS.