Passing semi truck clips snow plow sending driver careening 300 feet down canyon

(KUTV) — A semi truck driver clipped a snow plow working on a snow covered Utah canyon roadway sending the driver through a guardrail and 300 feet into an embankment.

The Utah Department of Transportation spoke out about the incident Friday. The incident happened just before noon on Thursday.

A UDOT official said the driver of the snow plow, identified as Terry Jacobson, had 23 years of service between the wheel of a snow plow.

"Terry was injured seriously," the official said. [He] was transported to the hospital [with] multiple injuries. He's still in the hospital, but we're thankful he's going to recover."

Niel Lundell, a UDOT supervisor, said Jacobson doesn't remember much from the crash.

"I don't think people realize what our drivers really go through -- the stress involved with it," he said. "This accident is proof -- our message is -- don't pass us. Just stay behind us. Even though you're late, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. If that driver would've stayed behind, Terry would be home tonight."

A department spokesman said Thursday's crash was the fourth they've seen this year.

According to, drivers should keep the following in mind when they see a snow plow:

  • Don't try to tailgate and try not to pass
  • Give snow plows room to work
  • Snow plows frequently stop and back up
  • Stay back at least 200 feet
  • Plows travel below the speed limit

The information is practical reminder for a number of states across the country, which are currently threatened by snow emergencies.

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