Motocross rider survives frightening crash at CenturyLink Field

SEATTLE - A 21-year-old motocross rider is in stable condition after a frightening crash during an AMA Supercross at CenturyLink Field Saturday night.

Chris Alldredge is recovering from extensive injuries at Harborview Medical Center, including a collapsed lung, a fractured rib, a fractured pelvis and multiple fractures in his lower lumbar spine.

Alldredge tells KOMO News that he crashed about 10 minutes into practice right before the competition started.

He says he is in a lot of pain but hopes to make a full recovery.

Alldredge posted video of the crash to his Instagram account Saturday night. A second rider slams into Alldredge's back moments after the crash.

[Warning: This video may be disturbing to some].

Alldredge says he posted the video to his account for a reason.

"Just to let all my fans know that I'm doing okay and to let them know as well that there's another rider here," Alldredge said. "He's actually having surgery on his back."

Noah McConahy, another motocross rider at CenturyLink Field, was hurt when he crashed during the 250 main event.

McConahy is in satisfactory condition, doctors say.

He says he's extremely thankful his injuries weren't worse and hopes to make a full recovery.

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