Good Samaritan rescues trapped baby from car after crash on I-5

A Washington State Department of Transportation camera shows the aftermath from a crash on Interstate 5 near the NE 65th Street exit. The crash happened on Thursday, May 18, 2017.

SEATTLE -- A Good Samaritan says he knew he needed to act quickly when he saw a car flip onto its roof on Interstate 5 while a baby was strapped inside.

The crash created a miles-long back-up Thursday afternoon near the Northeast 65th Street exit.

Dave Greene was on his way to pick up some furniture in Kent when the crash happened right in front of him, he said. He saw a Volvo clip the corner of a green car, which caused the green car to rotate and flip onto its roof, he added.

"It was quite a little dramatic scene for me because I had never seen anything like that happen and I just didn’t know what to do at first," Greene said. "I thought that it was pretty disastrous and that my first impression was to get out. And so, I did. Because there was nobody around."

Greene said he ran over to make sure everyone was okay as the car started to smoke.

He saw the woman behind the wheel climb out of a broken window.

"I asked her if she wanted some help getting out of the car and she said, ‘Sure, a little bit.’ She got a little bit of help from me and then she yelled, ‘Baby! There’s a baby inside the car!’" Greene said.

Greene quickly got on his back and crawled into the car.

He heard cries coming from the baby that was strapped in the back, he said.

All of a sudden, the noise stopped.

"Poor little baby’s hanging upside down in front of my face," Greene said. "And so my first intention was to try to get the straps off, and I had a terrible time trying to get the straps off at first. But then I saw the two little buttons right there and I pushed the two little buttons and the little baby tumbled into my arms."

Greene said the baby appeared to be unconscious, so he started wiggling his way out of the car.

Suddenly, a man grabbed him by his leg and pulled him the rest of the way out, he said.

"That was about the size of that little rescue attempt," he said.

Greene suffered a few scrapes and a cut on his finger from the broken glass, but he’d do it all over again if he had to, he said.

Maybe it was his days in the service that prompted him to step in.

Whatever it was, he’s thankful he was there.

"Learning how to take care of others beside yourself. That’s just basically what I’ve always known throughout my life," Greene said.

A couple of other vehicles were involved in the crash, but no one was seriously hurt, troopers said.

Greene eventually made his way to his furniture delivery on time, he said.

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