Little Superman: DC will allow 'S' logo on boy's memorial statue

TORONTO, Canada A little boy, the victim of horrific abuse, will eternally be portrayed in a statue as his beloved Superman after a change of heart from DC Entertainment.

Jeffrey Baldwin, 5, was beaten, neglected and starved to death in 2002 by his grandparents. They were sentenced to life in prison for second-degree murder.

A coroner's inquest into Jeffrey's death last year revealed how he wanted to be just like Superman, according to the Toronto Star newspaper.

"He wanted to fly," his father, Richard Baldwin, told the inquest, according to the Star.

"He tried jumping off the chair. We had to make him stop. He dressed up (as Superman) for Halloween one year ... He was so excited. I have that picture at home hanging on my wall. He was our little man of steel," the boy's father said.

Jeffrey's story so moved an Ottawa, Canada, man that he started an online fundraising campaign to build a memorial statue of Jeffrey, according to the Star.

The plan was for the statue to show Jeffrey dressed as his idol - Superman.

The story gained a lot of attention over the last week when news got out that DC Entertainment denied the request to use the famous "S" shield - for Superman - on the statue.

DC didn't want the character connected to any form of child abuse, the Canadian Press reported.

Wednesday, DC reversed its decision. The comic book giant will grant permission for the Jeffrey statue to bear the Superman logo.

"DC Entertainment uses a flexible set of criteria when we receive worthy requests such as this, and at times have reconsidered our initial stance," a spokesperson said in a statement, according to the Star report. "After verifying the support of appropriate family members, DC Entertainment will be allowing the Jeffrey Baldwin Memorial Statue to feature the Superman 'S' shield."

Jeffrey's statue is slated for completion this summer, with an unveiling this fall in Toronto's Greenwood Park, near where Jeffrey lived.