Finger gun suspension: 'If I was a parent, I would be highly upset'

CAMBRIDGE, Md. - Two 6-year-old elementary school students who used their fingers to make imaginary guns while on the playground for recess were suspended from school, WBOC reports.

The station said the father of one of the boys, Army Staff Sgt. Stephen Grafton, said the decision to suspend the children crossed the line.

The Talbot County Board of Education released this statement regarding the suspensions: "It is frustrating for school systems, because a complete explanation of events cannot be provided due to confidentiality requirements under the federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act."

Residents of the community offered WBOC their views on the incident.

"I think a lot of people are trying to make examples out of things they shouldn't, blowing things out of proportion," Dave Heuer of Cambridge told a reporter. "I think they've gotten a little bit strict and a little bit overboard on a lot of things, definitely not warranted and if i was a parent I would be highly upset."

Others said gun play of any kind is not appropriate for school.

"Gestures of guns and stuff like that would not so much be appropriate for in school, especially recess," said Sean O'Hara, also of Cambridge.