Bone marrow recipient meets man who saved his life

In front of a large crowd at this year's Steps For Life 5k, 61-year-old Rich Little of Oregon embraced the stranger who saved his life.

"This is an amazing feeling finally getting to meet Rich," said Ethan Krafft.

While the two men are of different nationalities, generations apart and live in different states, they have at least one thing in common.

After a bone marrow transplant, they now share the same blood type.

The story of these two dates back to 2014, when Little, who was terminally ill with a rare cancer called MDS, was in need of the life saving transplant.

"We were looking at a smaller and smaller window as far as life expectancy," Little said.

With only a few months left to live, he received a miracle. The gift of life marrow registry found him a match.

He was a college student studying at Ohio university. Twenty-three-year-old Krafft explained why he decided to register as a donor.

"To tell you the truth I actually did it for community service points. I was in a business fraternity and we needed that. So a big group is us went and did that but no one else got contacted," Little said.

Krafft had no idea a swab of his cheek would save a life. But just week after registering he received the call and the rest is history.

For some time a thread of emails connected the two, since regulations don't allow recipients to meet with donors until a year after the transplant.

As the window passed the men took every opportunity they could to meet each other face to face.

" I had the same feeling that I had when I got that phone call and the other time I had that feeling when they brought his stem cells into the hospital room," Little said.

"Pretty amazing it's hard to describe it's still setting in a little bit," Krafft said.

The pair now giving hope to bone marrow recipients who are still waiting for their perfect match.

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