UPDATE: Police say missing Boise girls found safe, father taken into custody

Boise Police issued a bulletin over the weekend that officers were looking for 29-year-old Joshua Dundon and his daughters who may have been camping in various locations around the county. (BPD photos)

Boise Police say missing Boise children Jaylynn Dundon and Madison Dundon have been found in Eureka County, Nevada.

The girls are being taken to an Idaho hospital and are being treated for exposure.

They are also being reunited with family.

Their father, Joshua Dundon is in custody.

"We would like to thank the Eureka County Sheriff’s Office and Nevada State Police for their extraordinary effort to search the area and rescue the children," Boise Police said in a statement issued to the media.

You'll recall, an Amber Alert was issued for two young girls who officials say were abducted by their father last week.

Police were looking for Madison Ann Dundon, 7, and Jaylynn Dawn Dundon, 6.

Boise Police issued a bulletin over the weekend that officers were looking for 29-year-old Joshua Dundon and his daughters who may have been camping in various locations around the county.

They hadn't been seen since 10 a.m. Wednesday.

When no one could get a hold of Dundon or the girls, family members called Boise Police on Friday.

The Boise Police Department says a vehicle was found torched in Eureka County, Nevada on Thursday in a rural part of the county.

After police dismantled the truck, BPD says a partial VIN number was recovered and police were able to confirm it belonged to Dundon.

Multiple footprints were found in the area.

Idaho State Police says the truck was intentionally burned and witnesses in the area heard a gunshot at the time of they approached the truck.

"When the deputy first arrived for the car fire, their fire agency put out the car fire, when the deputy arrived there and initially was inspecting the area he heard a gunshot, does not know where that gunshot came from, due to the remoteness of it he kind of backed out and got additional resources up there to start a search,"said Sgt. Justin Kendall of the BPD persons crimes unit.

Eureka County sheriff Keith Logan told KBOI 2News that Dundon was considered armed and dangerous.

The area where the truck was found torched is very steep and rugged and it's unusual that people would drive to the spot.

Deputies also found ammunition, magazine and survival gear. There is no evidence that anyone has been harmed and there was no blood trail in the area, Logan said.

Troopers say witnesses saw a male walk from the scene of the truck who was talking to a female, who was not visible.

According to Idaho court records, Dundon is involved in an ongoing child custody case that started in January and was scheduled for a court appearance June 20.

Many commenters on our Facebook page wanted to know why police waited until Monday to file an Amber Alert.

Police say the reason behind that is because the mother of the girls didn't file the report until Friday, and at that time they had no evidence of a crime.

Police became concerned Saturday when they learned of the father's history of illicit drug use and behavior issues. The confirmation of the burned truck belonging to Dundon triggered police to send the alert because they knew the children were in "grave danger."

"They found the vehicle had been set on fire and burned in a remote area in Eureka County so obviously at that point we became very alarmed that the children are in grave danger," said Sgt. Kendall "It took until this morning due to the fire damage to confirm that the vehicle was actually Joshua's, so once we were able to confirm that vehicle was Josh's then we have confirmation that those kids are in grave danger being with Josh right now."

This story will be updated.

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