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      Zoo begins elephant naming contest

      PORTLAND, Ore. - Rose-Tu's baby elephant needs a name, and you can help make the decision.

      Oregon Zoo elephant keepers are asking the public to pick their favorite of five names for the week-old elephant calf:

      • Jaidee (Thai for "good-hearted") [pronounced JI-dee]

      • Sirikit (name for Thai royalty, the literal meaning is "glorious") [pronounced sear-ree-keet]

      • Rakhi (Sanskrit for "love/bond between siblings") [pronounced Rah-kee]

      • Lily (following the flower theme of mom's name, Rose-Tu, or Rose for short)

      • Siddhi (Sanskrit for "perfection"; wife of Ganesha) [pronounced sid-Hee]

      Voters can pick their favorite on the Oregon Zoo's website.

      Votes will be accepted through Sunday, Dec. 9 at 5 p.m. The zoo will announce the winning name on Monday, Dec. 10.

      "The outpouring support for the zoo and its newest resident has been incredible," said zoo director Kim Smith. "Rose-Tu and her calf are doing well. They're bonding and comfortable with each other. Now it's time to give the calf a name that suits her."

      Smith said all signs point to a strong bond between mother and baby.

      "Our keepers and veterinary staff have put an extraordinary amount of work and care into helping Rose-Tu bring her baby into the world," Smith said. "The time spent training and preparing has paid off, and the outcome is exactly the one we'd hoped for: Rose is safe and healthy, and she has a beautiful newborn calf. Now that the baby's here, we're all excited to watch her bond with Rose-Tu and take her place in the herd."