'You're welcome to come back, but you can't bring your children'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Restaurant owners have the right to refuse service to anyone. A Washington caf owner used that right to kick a mother and her kids out after she said the kids were being too rowdy.

Rainy Days Cafe owner Lorraine "Rainy" MacDuff claims one of the children was screaming and stomping crumbs into her recently cleaned carpet.

"I was like, 'You ladies are gonna need to leave, and you're welcome to come back, but you can't bring your children'," MacDuff says.

Macduff then posted a photo of the kids' mess on Facebook. Many community members were outraged by their decision to kick the family out.

Other restaurant employees like Gianni Barofsky, the co-owner of La Perla in Eugene, said they understand the frustration. He said that even though some guests can be messy, most restaurants can't afford to turn diners away.

"If you had 'standing room only' at your restaurant seven days a week you might be able to be a little more prescriptive, but that's not the times were in these days. You have to be accommodating to as many customers as you can," said Barofsky.

Many of the restaurants our news staff talked to said they try to attract patrons with "kid friendly" atmospheres.

"I think we're really welcoming to everybody," said Blaine Barbee, a barista at Brail's Restaurant. "If they were super loud and really messy I'd just let them do their thing and then go and clean up the mess afterwards."

Michele Stowell, a Eugene mom with four boys, said she feels it's not the restaurant's responsibility to clean up after messy children.

"If I'm not being responsible, I would think its perfectly reasonable for the restaurant to ask me to leave with my kids. They are not the babysitters and they shouldn't be responsible for the mess my kids make," Stowell said.

The owner of the Rainy Days Cafe took the photo off of Facebook and publicly apologized. She's now raising money to give those children school supplies.