'You think your dog is safe in your backyard'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A Eugene teen says someone broke the latch to her gate and stole her two dogs Wednesday in broad daylight.

Lindzee Prasch, 19, told KVAL News she let her dogs out the back door to go to the bathroom, and when she came back to check on them five minutes later they were gone.

"Somebody purposely let them out, and shut the gate, and that's why I feel like somebody took them," said Prasch in her backyard on Friday.

She said the latch to the wooden fence - which was reinforced with plywood - had been ripped off.

Prasch immediately reported the dogs missing to the 1st Avenue Animal Shelter in west Eugene and called the Eugene Police Department.

Bentley is a one a half-year-old Pug Terrier mix Bentley and Diesel is a three and a half-month-old blue nose Pit Bull puppy.

"You think your dog is safe in your backyard," said Prasch. "Well, it's not anymore. You need to be more careful."

Eugene Police is investigating the property on Elmira Drive in west Eugene for possible criminal mischief.

Greenhill Humane Society communication manager Sasha Elliott said there are steps people like Prasch can take to help get stolen, missing and abandoned dogs back to their owners.

The first step is to report the missing animal to the 1st Avenue Animal Shelter at, located at 3970 W. 1st Avenue, by calling (541) 844-1777. If you believe a crime has been committed, Eugene Police said to call the non emergency line.

After notifying the proper authorities, Prasch said there is still more that can be done.

"First talk to neighbors in your area," said Elliott at Greenhill Humane Society on Friday. "See if anyone has seen your animals. Create flyers and post them around town as well, and then also check on Craigslist. You can post a missing animal ad as well as check other ads from people who have found animals."