'You just have the amazing gift of building it yourself'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Habitat For Humanity handed over the keys of brand new house on Sunday, to a woman who worked side-by-side with the volunteers throughout the building process.

Through the "Own Your Own Home" program Autumn Wise is now the proud owner of a three-bedroom, one-bath home. She and a group of dedicated volunteers with Habitat for Humanity spent over 500 hours to build the house.

"Just knowing that I will be able to raise my son in a good neighborhood environment with a consistent home is the best part to me," said Wise.

This is Wise's first experience with home-ownership. She said that through all the spent working alongside the volunteers, the group really felt like family.

"It's completely worth it. You have a mortgage, you have a responsibility," said Wise. "You just have the amazing gift of building it yourself and not having interest to pay on your loan."

She is looking forward to doing her favorite thing in her new home with her son.

"Watching our Duck games together. Go Ducks!"

It can take as long as two years "Own Your Own Home" program. As for Autumn, she said that the hard work is well worth it.