WWII veteran, 95, receives Governor's award for volunteer work

SALEM, Ore. - Clyde Mullin volunteers at the Oregon State Library, something he's been doing for over 20 years.

He uses his mechanical skills to keep dozens of their "talking books" cassette players in tip-top shape for library users. He's the only person left that works on the machines.

And when he's not doing that, he's delivering food with the Meals on Wheels program, something else he's been doing for over 20 years.

That would be a lot of work for any person, but for Mullin, age 95, it's what he enjoys. "I feel like I'm helping somebody," Mullin told KATU News. Mullin is also a veteran of World War II.

For his dedication and service - over an estimated 8,300 hours for the library alone - Mullin has been given a Governor's Volunteer Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement.

Mullin said Governor Kitzhaber met with him personally. "I've always enjoyed volunteering, and even when I was a kid I was doing that," Mullin said.

Asked how long he will continue to work on the tape machines, Mullin said "as long as they give them to me, I guess."