Working in the heat: 'It gets hot. Really, really, really hot'

EUGENE, Ore. - Some people are out in the elements, not because they want to be, but because it's their job.

At Eugene City Bakery, it's heating up like an oven. "Up here, probably 95 degrees but back in the bread room where they have the ovens going, its probably 120 degrees or more," said Kate Finley.

They don't have air conditioning, but Finley says they made do with what they have. "The bread baking is all done at night but the pastries are baked at night but I was just making kelsos and it was hot..i was drinking iced coffees all day," she said.

Finley isn't the only one working in the heat. Victor Goodhue is a construction zone flagger, and he's under the sun all day. "It gets hot. Really, really, really hot. And then you gotta deal with impatient people who wanna go home," he said.

For some people, staying cool on the job is a little bit easier, especially when you work indoors.

At Yogurt Xtreme in South Eugene, they've been busy with customers in this heat wave. "This morning when I opened up at 11 o'clock, we already had customers waiting outside," said Jonathan Humphries.