Work out at work: Man designs treadmill desk

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Research has shown sitting at your desk all day may be bad for your health. Dr. David Saenger, a Cardiologist at the Oregon Heart and Vascular Institute, is walking on the clock with his treadmill desk.

Saenger got started on the project in July when he brought an old treadmill from his home up three flights of stairs to his office.

So now, instead of sitting behind a desk during his 9 to 5, Saenger walks on the clock.

Saenger's desk is raised, and now he uses books to prop up his monitors and mouse. The keyboard rests on the treadmill.

"I think it's a good way to stay active and it keeps me more alert. I find if I am walking I can concentrate better." Saenger said.

He was inspired after reading online how treadmill desks are becoming increasingly popular. They retail online for about $1,000. Since he already had a treadmill, Saenger decided to fashion his own version.

"I can type when I am on the treadmill no problem, I can use my mouse, no problem. It's easy," Saenger said.

He averages about three to four miles a day, walking behind his desk in between visiting patients. If he works late he hits up to eight miles.

Saenger takes it slow ... so slow he is never out of breath. During phone conversations he said that people have no idea he is walking on a treadmill.

While the people he talks to on the phone may not know, He admits that his co-workers think it's a little strange.

"They think I am a little crazy but they get used to it," Saenger said. "Sometimes I stop it when I am talking to people because they get a little weirded out if I am talking to them while I am walking."

Saenger said the only thing he has found he can't do while walking is write.

Aside from the boost of concentration, He said that the treadmill desk has given him a boost of energy during his day, even helping him lose a little weight.

"Studies are now showing that activity is now really important for health. Not just cardiac health but mental health, physical health and everything," Saenger said.

Saenger said he hopes other people get inspired to become more active at work.