Work on new $10M Wil-Hi science building in full swing

EUGENE, Ore. - Construction on the new $10 million science building at Willamette High School is in full swing.

The concrete foundation is down and steel beams are going up.

It's part of a $49 million bond approved by voters in the Bethel School District in November 2012.

The new science building will be ready for use by this winter.

The bond is also paying to replace Malabon and Fairfield elementary schools. Those buildings are scheduled to open in fall 2015.

The project at Willamette includes both a science center and an administrative wing, to be built as the second phase.

Pat McGillivray with the Bethel School District noted the ripple effects for contractor and sub-contractor jobs. The crew of 25 currently at Wil-Hi is expected to swell to 50 to 60 people in the fall.