Woman severely burned when kitchen fire ignites her clothes

LEBANON, Ore. - A woman who awoke to the sound of smoke alarms suffered severe burns when she tried to move a burning pan from the stove, igniting her clothing, the Lebanon Fire Department said.

Lebanon Fire District responded to a Tangent Street home at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday.

They found the victim laying on the floor near the front door.

The fire had already burned itself out.

Firefighters didn't name the injured woman. They described her burns as "severe."

The 65-year-old was rushed to the local hospital and then flown by air ambulance to Portland for treatment.

According to investigators, the victim fell asleep with a pan on the stove

Her smoke alarms woke her up.

When she went to the kitchen, she found the burning pan on the stove and attempted to move it to the sink.

Her clothing was ignited during the process.

The Lebanon Fire District said the best way to extinguish this type of fire is to smother it by sliding the lid of the pot or a cookie sheet onto the top of the pot from the side, then turning off the heat source and calling your local fire department.

Water, baking soda, baking powder or any other substance should never be introduced to the pot, firefighters said.