Woman says hackers ordered erotic books on her Nook account

EUGENE, Ore. -- Nancy Cheffings says her e-reader is fast becoming her preferred way of tearing through her favorite murder mysteries.

"This Nook has around 325 books on it. Isn't that a great library?" the avid reader said, holding up the book tablet.

However Nancy said she was a little shocked to find that five erotic books had been purchased through her Barnes & Noble Nook account a week ago.

"I just sat there with my mouth hanging open, because that's not what I read," said Cheffings.

Cheffings thinks her account had been hacked. The 75-year-old uses her account to download books electronically, and says she hadn't ordered anything in well over a week.

Nancy contacted Barnes & Noble about the charges. She says they told her that the Nook had been hacked, and asked her to change her password.

That wasn't enough for this mystery buff.

"I want to know why, I want to know how," says Cheffings. "Am I going to turn my computer on tomorrow, find another list of books, and find out they have hit my checking account?"

Cheffings said she wasn't charged for the books that were downloaded. Barnes & Noble guarantees the safety of their customer's card information through encryption, and their policy states "If fraudulent charges are ever made, you will not have to pay for them."

Our reporters tried contacting Barnes & Noble for further comment, however no one was available.

Cheffings says what happened to her could happen to anyone, and feels people should know how to protect themselves from finding fraudulent titles in their electronic libraries.