Witness: I heard gunshots, not gravel

EUGENE, Ore. - Initial reports from the scene said someone fired shots at a Royal Avenue home Monday before speeding away.

Police later said the sounds neighbors thought were gunshots were actually pieces of rock sprayed when a Jeep Cherokee sped out of the gravel driveway.

One of the neighbors who heard the sounds doesn't buy that explanation, saying it sounded like gunshots from a .22 caliber pistol.

"If you have handled guns at all in your life, you own guns, you know the difference between gravel and guns," Emily Kuhnhenn said. "Gravel has a distinct noise. It varies because there's big bits of gravel, little bits of gravel. Guns is a consistent sound, and it was pop pop pop."

Initial police and witness accounts gathered by a reporter at the scene Monday described an argument, followed by gunfire, followed by a vehicle speeding away.

"There were not shots fired," Sgt. Bob McDermed with Eugene Police said Tuesday. "There was a black Cherokee that was reported being involved that accelerated rapidly."

The Eugene Police declined to comment further on the case Thursday.

Kuhnhenn stands by what she saw and heard.

"We heard an earlier on altercation between people, which is common for the nextdoor neighbors," she said, "but after speaking with neighbors and knowing how our 22 sounds, it sounded the exact same.

"The alleged noise that we think is gunshots, the vehicle that they saying made the noise of the gravel wasn't even moving. It was parked in the driveway. We think it was idling."