With tax day almost here, AARP offers free tax aides to Lane Co.

EUGENE, Ore. -- Tax day is just around the corner and the AARP has offered up free tax aide services around Lane County as a painless way to take care of your taxes.

The American Association for Retired Peoples is sponsoring volunteer-based tax aid sites across the country, with 10 throuhgout Lane County.

The volunteer-run tax aide program is all part of a push to help people get their taxes filed by the April 15 deadline.

James Blackburn is the site supervisor for the Lane Community College location. said that their tax help is completely free of charge to anyone stopping by.

"We are retired and figure its time to give back to the community a little bit," Blackburn said. "We just enjoy doing it and most of us probably did our own tax returns."

Blackburn's LCC site has the largest volume of people for the local AARP tax service spots. He says tax preparers help about 50 people a day.

"It's designed for low-to-moderate income people, but we don't have an income limit just a complexity of return limit," said Blackburn.

While Blackburn's center welcomes walk-ins, many of the locations with limited hours prefer scheduled appointments.

Visit the AARP's website for a full list of locations and contact information.