Willamalane fields closed for resurfacing, 2 new fields planned

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Crews are replacing the old, worn out sports fields at the Willamalane Parks District after getting over a decade of use from the artificial turf.

Crews hope to have the 86,000 square feet of turf in place by September 1. Project managers are planning to installing two new fields at the park.
"We hope to just have this busy year 'round with a variety of folks locally and regionally coming here to play, so this becomes a real showcase and a hub for recreational sports throughout the region," said Bob Keefer of the Willamalane Parks District.
The $3.5 million project also expands parking and installs light poles and a new entry plaza. The reconstruction project is covered by the $20 million bond approved by Willamalane voters back in 2012.