'Will you help us end subsidies for junk food?'

EUGENE, Ore. - If you passed 8th and Oak in downtown Eugene on Tuesday midday, you couldn't miss this guy.

"Will you help us end subsidies for junk food?" the guy in the Twinkie getup told passersby. "Seventeen of my ingrediants are subsidized by you, taxpayers, so we're gonna take pictures for Peter DeFazio."

The guy in the Twinkie costume donned the regalia while others held a sign urging taxpayers to oppose subsidies for crops used as ingredients in junk food.

"The farm bill is up for review right now as it is every few years in September, so that's why we want to do the work that we're doing now," said Jesse Summer-Lavigne with OSPIRG, the Oregon State Public Interest Research Group.

OSPIRG says subsidized corn and other crops contribute to the nation's obesity epidemic.

"Obesity kills over 220,000 people each year, so that's the number one problem right there," said Hamza Alkalalli, who signed the petition.

OSPIRG hopes photos of constituents with a giant Twinkie will convince Congress to decrease the subsidies. They plan to send the report to DeFazio on Tuesday night.