Wildfires around Oregon to be doused with rain

Rain in the forecast is expected to help firefighting efforts.

LANE COUNTY, Ore. - Some look at the upcoming forecast and see the rain as a sign of summer's end. Others feel excitement that fall is on the way.

For firefighters around Oregon, the much needed rain is a welcome relief for the fires burning throughout the state.

Crews fighting the Jones Fire are optimistic about the weather in the coming weeks, but for now, they're still fighting fires in unfavorable conditions.

The Jones Fire is burning more than 9,400 acres, but it is over 50% contained. Like most of the summer, though, the weather has not made its containment any easier.

"Extreme fields condition, very dry - heavy fuel loading, steep, rough, rugged terrain," said William Keely at the Jones Fire Camp. "The whole northwest has sort of exploded with wildfires."

The Jones Fire is smaller than 10 others in Oregon, and hope is on the horizon for the state as weather is expected to change soon.

Starting on Sunday evening, Incident Meteorologist Jeff Colton predicts a 100% chance of rain.

"We could see 1-2 inches of rain int he southwest part of the state," said Colton. "And then the further north you go, it'll be a little bit heaver, but there are more storms coming behind this one."

Because of this, Colton says all of the wildfires in the state will get showered with rain for the entire week.

The rain will give firefighters an advantage with battling the flames, and most of all, a much needed rest during a long fire season.

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