Why the holidays could kill your pet

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The holidays are a happy time for many families, but the very things you use to celebrate the season could kill your pets.

Decorations can brighten up any holiday, but they can also be deadly.

Officials say that pet owners need to be especially alert this time of year.

One thing many animals will do is eat ornaments, so pet owners are urged to keep an eye on their tree.

Another decoration that can be dangerous is the poisonous Poinsettia plant.

Officials say that you and your pets can have a happy holiday if you keep an eye on them. "Keep your pets in mind this holiday, because there's a lot going on, and you can get distracted and your pet can get in a difficult situation and you don't want that to happen," said local veterinarian Christy Cutting.

One thing people may not think of is the environment. If it gets a little hectic around the house over the holidays, that can also stress your pets out.

So, Dr. Cutting advises getting your animals fitted with a microchip so you can find them if all of that holiday stress makes them run away.