Who is on the UO public safety graveyard shift 'Bowl' list?

EUGENE, Ore. - A list kept by graveyard shift public safety officers at the University of Oregon has become public.

The list is reference in a lawsuit filed by a former University Public safety officer.

Now 35, James Cleavenger says he was fired in October 2012 after he complained to supervisors about mistreatment and misconduct.

Before each shift, Cleavenger says Lt. Brandon Lebrecht would conduct a pre-shift briefing with all of the officers on the shift, including Kent Abbott, Michael Drake, Adam Lillengreen, Eric LeRoy and Andrew Bechdolt.

During many of those briefings, Cleavenger says Lebrachet allowed for a discussion of a "Bowl of ----- List."

Cleavenger says this was an actual list of people and entities who participating officers disliked and thought should "eat a bowl of" a vulgar term for the male genitalia.

UO spokesperson Julie Brown confirmed with KVAL News the list contained 225 items and was on LeRoy's personal cell phone.

Cleavenger says after briefings, officers would continue to discuss the list in Lebracht's office.

Cleavenger says on multiple occasions, LeRoy and Lebracht would spend much of their 8-hour shifts discussing the list instead of working, which he says can be verified Computer Aided Dispatch records and UO dispatch audio recordings.

Cleavenger told KVAL News in a phone conversation,

"It was an us against them mentality," Cleavenger said in a phone interview with KVAL News.

He says the officers involved are "incredibly irresponsible" and the list "discredits the department and honest staff."

The University released a copy of the list of 225 people and entities found on LeRoy's phone to KVAL News on Monday.

On the list: some members of the UO staff, local police departments - and things like "Mick Jagger's Arm Fat."

Cleavenger said the he filed the suit because he "properly used the chain of command to report what was happening."

He said the what was being discussed and because it happened while on duty is a reason why UO should take action.

Cleavenger said he is "disappointed no one would listen to me. I'm disappointed UO didn't address" the list, Cleavenger said. "I was forced into filing this lawsuit."

Brown said this seemed to be an inappropriate attempt at humor.

"It just seems like it was a joke that was running over time," she said. "The intent is unclear, but I don't believe it was malicious in anyway."

Brown said the 225-item list was pulled from the officer's phone in early May.

She did confirm items could have been entered or removed until the information was "screen-grabbed."

Brown said the UO Police Department has reiterated workplace behavior expectations since the lawsuit was filed.

"What's appropriate to be discussed in the workplace and what's not appropriate" has been reiterated, Brown said. "Personal views being brought into the workplace is something that is inappropriate."

According to the University of Oregon's website, Lebrecht is now a lieutenant in charge of "Professional Standards and Training."

Brown declined to say if any of the department's current employees have been reprimanded.

She said the University will wait to make any decisions regarding its staff until the case has been closed.

Cleavenger said his firing in 2012 ended his law enforcement career and that he "hopes someone at the UO will notice and change the department, and protect the good people that are still there."

Cleavenger makes a claim for damages based on allegations of violations of:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Right to due-process
  • Whistleblowing
  • Retaliation
  • Prohibited disclosure
  • Defamation
  • Intentional infliction of emotional distress
  • Wrongful discharge

A trial date has yet to be set.