When a home isn't a house: County tells caretaker to move RV

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - Vietnam veteran Ken Wagoner has lived in a travel trailer on a rural property where works as hired help for 11 years.

A letter from Lane County ripped the welcome mat out from under his feet: pack up - or pay $1,000 per day fine.

"There's somebody up there that has a nice house that doesn't like me here in my trailer," he said.

Wagoner and his cat Little Black live in the trailer and work for the property owner as her caretaker. She pays him in addition to letting him live there.

"My gosh, I'm helping a veteran, and all you hear on the news - help a veteran, help a veteran," said Eleanor, who owns the property. "You see it on billboards. Help a veteran! I've been helping him for 11 years."

The letter from Lane County said Wagoner can only live in the trailer on the property for two weeks.

With other travel trailers and RVs in use as homeless housing in Lane County, why is Wagoner being kicked out?

Jane Burgess with Lane County Land Management told KVAL News it's nothing personal. The department only investigates land use compliance issues if someone complains.

"Before they do this to a person - make them homeless and have no income, no place to go," Wagoner said, "I think they ought to really consider the consequences.