'What else can you do in 45 minutes that saves people's lives?'

EUGENE, Ore. - Jim Ellis donated blood for the 100th time Thursday.

"I just wanted my picture on the wall," he joked.

Ariana Hernandez made her 26th donation since high school.

"I think blood donation can kind of be a scary thing, but, I invite everyone to try it at least once," she said.

Ellis and Hernandez need company: As fall approaches, the fridge where blood is stored at the Lane Blood Center is conspicuously bare.

Kristi McElhinney with the blood center said a shortage in the summer isn't that unusual. But a few minutes out of your day could help push supply the other way.

"What else can you do in 45 minutes that saves people's lives?" McElhinney said.

Maybe that's why they see so many repeat donors.

"I think people get addicted to helping," she said. "I think they feel so good knowing that every time that they do this they're impacting our community in a very real way."

Guaranty RV in Junction City is hosting a blood drive from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Friday. You can also make an appointment to visit the Lane Blood Center in south Eugene.