What do you bench press? 'A new World Record'

MYRTLE CREEK, Ore. -- The world record for bench pressing now belongs to a man from Myrtle Creek.

Kegan Houx, 19, means business when he walks into his gym.

On Monday morning, he showed how he broke the world record for his weight class, lifting 435 pounds.

The world record for bench pressing was 424.2 pounds, but that was before Houx came into the picture.

He says he has a drive to be the best. "I'm really competitive and I can't stand it when someone's better than me at something," he said.

Houx is part of the world association of benchers and dead lifters.

His hard work paid off when he set the record last week at a competition in Riverside, California.

He weighs 163 pounds, and lifts in the 149-165 pound class.

What keeps him going? "Most of the time I'll have four eggs, a couple english muffins and a lot of bacon," he said.

Houx says he's extremely excited about his victory, but it doesn't stop there. He's already started training for the Olympics.