'We're just out here to make our presence known'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Eugene police patrolled local schools on Friday, after rumors of violent events circulated online.

Officer Michael Cook was one of the officers on duty, walking around school grounds after police said they discovered "vague threats" floating around the internet.

Even though investigators have deemed the threats invalid, officers like Cook said they weren't taking any chances.

"With events through the past week or so with those various threats and stuff, we're just out here to make our presence known," said Cook.

That presence has been felt, by both community members and students alike.

"A couple years ago somebody brought a toy gun to school and they were running around with it so now we have security guards around our school," said Whit Schatz, a 3rd grader at Eugene Corridor Elementary.

Disabled veteran Thomas Mohr volunteers at Corridor School as a crossing guard.

"High visibility is the most important issue at any school," said Mohr. "I really believe that, because I think it's a high deterrent."

Mohr said that he keeps an eye out for the students from his post as a crossing guard.

"These kids are our future and they deserve the opportunity to grow up and be the best that they can be," Mohr said.

When Jack Gartley, a Eugene parent, sent his kids to school on Friday, he told KVAL News that the Sandy Hook shootings came to mind.

"You gotta take some solace in that. And think about it and you know determine whether or not you want to pull your kids out of school or close the school," said Gartley.

In spite of the concern felt by parents across the nation, Officer Cook said that he hasn't seen much cause for concern during his Friday beat.

"It's been really low key. Walking through and just saying 'hi' and handing out stickers and just being out there basically. No threats or anything and nothing serious," Cook said.