'We're all better off if we share our prosperity and help eachother out'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Nearly 30 non-profit agencies from throughout the Eugene area opened their doors to volunteers from businesses and community groups as part of United Way of Lane County's annual Day of Caring.

"We hope to make the Day of Caring a year of caring, year round and hope lots of people in the community get involved," said 2012 United Way Campaign Chair.

"It benefits everyone in our community. Those who need the help and even those who may not need the help. Because you never, know, one day, we may be in need. We're all better off if we share our prosperity and help eachother out," said Gray.

Several businesses and community groups volunteered their time at non profit agencies including: FOOD for Lane County, Cascades Raptor Center, Relief Nursery, Laurel Hill Center and many more.

Businesses including EWEB, Siuslaw Bank and the City of Eugene were volunteering at Food for Lane County. "I like to get out and volunteer. Especially with FOOD for Lane County. I love what they do out here in the community and it's fun to get together with my colleagues to do something for those in need," said Jen Connors who was volunteering with EWEB.

At the Churchill Garden, volunteers were busy raking, hoeing and pulling weeds from the garden. "Having a large massive group of adults who are skilled and excited to get to work really helps us get the garden in shape for the Fall," said volunteer Jen Anonia.

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