Welcome to Oregon, freshmen: 'My clothes are just drenched'

EUGENE, Ore. - The rain held off long enough last week for new students to move into residence halls on the University of Oregon campus.

"People said the weather would be rainy all the time, but look at it today, it's great," Morgan Murphy of Virginia said.

That was Thursday.

What a difference a couple days can make.

Classes started Monday after a record-setting weekend of rain.

New students told a reporter the rain was more than they bargained for.

"It was a lot rainier than I expected on the way down here," said Kadin Burnett.

"Where I'm from it's always dry, so this weekend really depressed me," said Jacob Thode of Ashland, Oregon. "I went through the day really sad and like lonely."

Even students accustomed to rain found the fall storm startling.

"It's sort of familiar because I come from a place that's really wet most of the year," said Gabrielle dela Pena, a student from the Philippines. "But its cold - and I don't like the cold. It'll grow on me, I hope."

The cold is part of the appeal of Eugene for Straley Windham of Texas.

"I like the cold," Windham said. "It's really hot where I'm from."

"I was overwhelmed with having to wear a rainjacket everywhere," Windham said. "Bring your rainjacket everywhere you go."

Good advice for students strolling between classes on a college campus.

"I have all the rain stuff and all the rain shell jackets and everything," Burnett said.

Others have some shopping to do.

"I just went in there to buy a jacket," Thode said. "I have nothing so far. All my shoes, my clothes are just drenched. I have nothing."