'We just don't have the money': LCC board discusses budget cuts at special meeting

The LCC Board of Education is considering cutting programs to help the budget deficit. They'll discuess the proposed cuts at a special meeting. (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. – The Lane Community College Board of Education is holding a special meeting Wednesday to discuss proposed budget cuts.

LCC is facing a $10.7 million budget gap and the board has proposed cutting several programs.

Several students gathered to protest the cuts gathered to protest early Wednesday evening in an effort to save those programs on the chopping block.

“There is not one good program on here that deserves to be cut. Everything that we do at Lane is quality and has a constituency that supports it. Unfortunately, we just don't have the money that we need to support each one of those programs,” said LCC President Mary Spilde.

Spilde said the school is not getting the kinds of investments they need from the state.

According to the LCC public information officer, the board will not make any decisions on what programs to cut until May or June. The college budget committee begins meeting April 26 and has three meetings scheduled.

Visit and click on timeline for a list of meetings. Some of the budget meetings will accept public comment.

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