'We have the opportunity to set the model for the rest of Oregon'

EUGENE, Ore. - Grassroots Eugene leased space in downtown Eugene on West Broadway 6 months ago.

On Monday, the non-profit made one of the initial 289 applications to the state for a medical marijuana business license.

"We had all the information prepared and we just entered it as fast as we could and got through it in about four minutes," Casey Houlihan said of the application process.

Houlihan and Kevin Cronin have followed Oregon's medical marijuana dispensary law since it passed the legislature and was signed into law last year.

"We have the opportunity to set the model for the rest of Oregon in terms of compliance, in terms of how you should run your business," Cronin said.

They plan to operate Grassroots Eugene as a non-proit.

"We're looking to take on a lot of different projects in the community with any funds we generate here," Houlihan said.

The location on West Broadway downtown is part of their master plan.

"Because we sort of secured it, we want to make sure it's correctly done," Cronin said.

Now they have to wait about 6 weeks to see if their application is accepted.

"If we bust," Cronin said, "at least we will have invested in our community."