'We had a lot of plans for the future, and those are all gone'

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Cindy Castillo remembers the last moments she shared with her husband.

"I took his hand, and we talked a little bit before falling back to sleep," she said.

Marcos Castillo left before she woke up Sunday morning, not long before she heard a knock on the door and learned her husband was dead.

"We had a lot of plans for the future, and those are all gone," Castillo said. "And now I don't know what I'm going to do with myself."

Marcos Castillo was on his way to work when he was killed in a two-car crash south of Hillsboro Sunday morning. Sheriff's deputies arrested the surviving driver of the other car, Bryan Onderdonk. Deputies said Onderdonk ran away from the crash scene and broke into two homes before he was arrested nearly five hours later.

Cindy felt the crash didn't have to happen, and the suspect shouldn't have run.

"It angers me even more. Makes my heart hurt even worse," she said.

Cindy said she remembers the little moments with Marcos, like when he built a fence and played with his four-year-old grandson.

"He was such a great guy, only 50, so much more life left in him, and we're supposed to be together forever, and he's gone."

Marcos was from Guatemala, and still has an adult son there. Cindy said the two were getting to know each other over the phone, but now they'll never meet.

Onderdonk showed no emotion when deputies took him into custody. He yelled "Christ is lord!" He is scheduled to appear in court Monday afternoon on charges including felony hit-and-run and burglary.

"Marcos was such an honest man. Then for this guy to do something this terrible, and then to run like a coward. I hope he pays to the full extent of the law."