'We can't keep campus closed until all the snow melts'

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Classes resumed at Oregon State University on Monday.

OSU Vice President and Spokesman Steven Clark said the school felt weather conditions had improved and would continue to get better.

"Our weather team met every four hours to assess the situation over the weekend, and they've really been on top of our response efforts," Clark said.

Clark said that during the storm, roads and sidewalks that had been cleared become covered again with snow and cie.

Unlike local public school districts, Clark said OSU mainly deals with adults. The concerns local districts have about small children do not impact the university.

"We can't keep campus closed until all the snow melts," he said. "There are midterms that need to be taken, items that need to be graded, classes that need to be taught, and research that needs to continue."

Clark added that the storm that hit campus last December impacted final exams for more than 20,000 students in the OSU system. In the end the university worked with everyone to make sure tests were taken.

He also said professors have been asked by the university to be lenient on tardies and absences on Monday.