'We are equal, no matter if we are homeless or have a house'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A 10-year-old boy with terminal cancer is continuing his effort to help Eugene's homeless population by dropping by the Whoville camp on Saturday to drop off a tank of propane.

Keegan Keppner said he wants to make the campers as comfortable as possible before they are moved from the now fenced off area.

"Right now we brought down a propane tank, for these guys so they can cook food," Keppner said.

On Friday the city of Eugene placed a fence surrounding the Whoville homeless camp site after Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy denied the requests of S.L.E.E.P.S. activists to keep the area open to campers.

Keegan, who is suffering from Glioma and Hydrocephalus, says that has inspired him to be more supportive than ever before.

"We are equal, no matter if we are homeless or have a house," Keegan said.

He's also started making care packages from paper lunch bags. Each filled non-perishable food - and a special message from Keegan.

"Click, click BOOM! You're infected by Keegan's kindness," the 10-year-old said.

His family created a Facebook page mimicking his slogan called "Keegan's Kindness". They've also established a donation fund.