Water Safety Day: 'Drowning is such a preventable tragedy'

COTTAGE Grove, Ore. -- The late spring sunshine may mean family visits to pools, lakes and rivers to beat the heat. The Warren H. Daughtery Aquatic Center held a water safety day on Saturday to help keep the kiddos safe when they hit the water.

Center manager Carrie McCasline said that the lessons are valuable to the whole family, no matter what swimming level each member may be at.

"There are so many lakes and rivers around here, we want to make sure everyone is educated and has the proper equipment before they go out there," McCasline said. "Drowning is such a preventable tragedy for families."

The city of Cottage Grove partnered with other agencies to put together the water safety day as a fun way to educate kids and parents about boat safety, hypothermia, swift water rescue and what to do if you get in trouble while swimming.

McCasline said that above all else it is important for kids is wear life jackets and know how to swim.

"When we talk to children, we always talk to them about making sure they don't go in to any water without a parent being there," said McCasline.