Water harvesting workshop: 'Make your rain last into summer'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Dozens of people took shelter from the drizzly Saturday weather in a yurt set up in Alton Baker Park for a workshop on effectively harvest rainwater.

As the rain pattered against the canvas top of the wood-framed tent, local water harvesting expert Sarah Whitney told attendees how to capture their own roof runoff.

Whitney showed KVAL's Nicole Comstock many of the examples of rain harvesting set ups that were on display in the water wise demonstration garden. The garden is a collaboration between EWEB and the City of Eugene that showcases sustainable landscaping strategies. Today's workshop focused on taking winter rain water from the roof and using it for watering gardens later in the year.

"What we're trying to teach people here is how to measure the amount of water that's gonna come off your roof and then calculate storage and how much water you really need for your garden," said Whitney. "Then make it all work in a way that can make your rain water last into summer."

People at the workshop absorbed the calculations that they would need to apply to their own homes in order to construct a system that would work for their homes.

Whitney said that making these types of calculations is easy, and the systems generally only require a few supplies.

For more information on how to start harvesting your own rain water visit the EWEB Water Wise website.