Warning: Historic cemetery ahead

EUGENE, Ore. - Caution: Historic cemetery ahead.

The state board charged with identifying and preserving Oregon's historic cemeteries created signs warning visitors about the dangers of cemeteries.

The safety signs are intended to warn visitors that historic gravestones can be unstable. If the heavy stone monoliths fall, injuries or even deaths can occur, the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries said.

"The Commission tries to focus on practical services and programs for historic cemeteries." noted Commissioner Dirk Siedlecki. "This simple sign will remind people to use caution both for safety and for preservation of the markers."

State law established the seven-member commission to maintain a listing of all historic cemeteries and gravesites in Oregon; promote public education on the significance of historic cemeteries; and help obtain financial and technical assistance for restoring, improving and maintaining their appearances.

One sign is available, free of charge, to each historic cemetery listed with the Commission.

To find out if a cemetery is listed, list a cemetery or get a sign visit or contact Kuri Gill at or (503) 986-0685.