Want Monday off? Petition seeks national day off after Super Bowl

EUGENE, Ore. -- A new petition on the United States Government's "We The People" page is petitioning the Obama administration to consider letting the hundreds of thousands of Super Bowl viewers take the following Monday off.

As fisherman Paavo Carroll found out, the day after the big game is a popular day for people to call in sick.

"I asked a guy if he would help me paint one of my boats, and he said he couldn't 'cause he was watching the Superbowl . Not tomorrow either," said Carroll.

While Paavo said he may have to wait until Tuesday to paint his boat, crane operator Keith Stevenson said that calling out for football doesn't fly at the steel mill.

"Our facility definitely will not be taking a day off after the Super Bowl. We don't even get MLK day off," Stevenson said.

For Stevenson, calling out sick if you've partied a little too hard during the big game is no excuse to need a day off.

However, one group is petitioning the government to make the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday.

The petition needs to collect 100,000 signatures by February 23rd, and as of Super Bowl XVLII it only had 14,000.

Carroll said that he doesn't care for football that much, but he's all about national holidays.

"The more the merrier, so if we need football to make that happen, then I'm all for it," Paavo said.

For those also interested in getting the government to consider the petition to make Super Bowl Monday a national holiday visit the White House petition page.